Originally invented by Mr. Barry Hildebrandt the Ezy-As business was formed in July 2006 with the intention of manufacturing and marketing this unique stocking aid.

This goal was achieved within 12 months, and we were able to share the information we had gathered about this truly remarkable device.

Ezy-As is now owned and operated by Stephen Dickins and Tim Jarrott, healthcare practitioners who understand the needs of patients and clinicians.  The product is proudly manufactured in Melbourne, Australia and distributed around the world.


Words from Barry Hildebrandt Snr.

“I wish I had my Ezy-As years ago when I had my knee replaced. Now, I use my applicator every time I fit my compression stocking for the treatment of an Ulcer.

Other applicators just weren’t suitable or practical for me to use given the fact I have a fused ankle. This is why I decided to make one which would suit me.

I designed it to be compact, so I can easily drop it in a small bag and take it with me on the trips to the doctors or the hospital.

Now with less effort and pain I can safely say I have no excuse for not wearing my stocking. I wouldn’t try fitting one without the Ezy-As now.

I hope my invention will help other people as it has helped me.”


I was introduced to the Ezy-As nearly 2 years ago now. A mutual friend invited me round to her place to watch a demonstration of its use, as she knew that I wear compression stockings for oedema. I was very impressed with what I saw. A few weeks later my friend presented me with one for my birthday, (July 2007) bless her, and I have used it ever since.
I did struggle with the loading at first, until I realized that I was trying to load the stocking inside out. I now find it a breeze, and even take it on holidays and overnight stays as I would be lost without it. It is a great size and fits neatly around my toiletries bag for packing, thus taking no space and protected from breakage as well.
This sturdy little device has made a great difference to the wearing of my stocking.
I can now put one on straight after a shower, even if my leg is still slightly damp. I have quite dry skin, so was loathe to use talcum powder.
It is so much easier to manoeuvre over my ankle and has saved my finger nails from breakages into the bargain.
I have been trialing the use of a half length stocking worn with the full length one, and it is no trouble to put both on, one on top of the other.
Thanks both Barrys for your terrific invention


Anti-embolic stockings are a well know strategy in the prevention of venous blood clots. The stockings provide measured compression around the legs and due to this are difficult to apply. Over the years some devices, including plastic shopping bags, have been used to assist with the application. Some worked better then others, but I have not seen any that work as well as the new EZY-AS.
It really is as easy as! Staff and patient's alike love this new invention! It is easy to use, easy to clean and very cost effective. At The Northern Hospital EZY-AS applicators are stored next to our anti embolic stocking supply. When required, staff collect both stockings and applicator. Either staff use the EZY-AS to apply the stockings, or they teach the patient on how they can do this themselves.
To check skin integrity and for hygiene purposes, stockings must be briefly removed at least twice a day. To ensure good compliance we now keep the EZY-AS at the patient's bed-side, either until the stockings are no longer required or the patient is discharged. Staff and patients love using the EZY-AS. It is such an easy solution for such a long-standing problem! You should try it!

Jeannette  |  Injury Prevention  |  The Northern Hospital

I was frustrated! As an Operating Theatre Registered Nurse, I am required to apply compression stockings on Pre-operative patients every day however the arthritis in my hands prevented me from performing this task well.
As an avid fan of ABC TV’s ‘New Inventors’ program, I contacted the inventors, when I saw the ‘EZYAS Applicators”! They kindly dispatched a set to me & I introduced ‘EZYAS’ to my work colleagues immediately.
What a wonderful invention! It’s safe, easy, quick and not painful, for either the nurse or the patient – could’t be better! As a result the Hospital has placed orders for sets of ‘EZYAS Applicators’ to be used in all Departments & Wards; from Pre-OP Admission Centre to Cardiac & Orthopaedic wards and many patients have ordered their own too! Thank you to the Hildebrandts for their most thoughtful & useful invention!

Heather  |  Registered Nurse, Gold Coast, Australia

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