People wear compression stockings or socks for many reasons, including improving blood circulation – blood flow, varicose veins, or reducing the risk of DVT and blood clots while flying. Unfortunately, wearing compression socks can be difficult to pull onto your legs, especially if you have arthritis, or a sore knee, ankle or back.

It is easiest to put on graduated compression stockings before you get out of bed, as your legs will have less edema (swelling), and will be clean and dry. You may find applying baby powder might make it is easier to put on your compression socks while you slide. If you are having difficulty grasping the stocking, donning gloves can give you the extra grip you need.

How to put on compression stockings with the EzyAs™ stocking aid

Compression garments apply firm pressure that makes them harder to put on.

Unlike regular stocking donner doffer, a compression stocking aid can help you put on your properly sized compression stockings by keeping the stocking wide and reducing the amount of compression while you pull the stocking over the foot and heel. This will make the process quicker and reduce the strain placed on your back. Click here to view our products!


Please Note: EzyAs™ is an assistive device only. The unique design of the EzyAs™ compression garment applicator has made it possible to assist in the fitting of a wide range of compression garments.

Download the step by step instructions full of helpful tips here:

How to put on Compression Stockings using EzyAS

Loading your Garment Onto The Applicator:

Position the applicator on a firm surface at a comfortable working height with the elongated hole facing you. Ensure the heel of your stocking is centred as you lower the garment into the applicator.

Grip your garment and slide it down over the outside of the applicator until the heel pocket is at the top and aligned with the centre of the applicator.

How to Apply a Leg Stocking:

Seated in a cross legged position, place the loaded applicator over your toes. Hold the heel pocket as your toes enter the stocking.

Release the heel pocket of your garment as it aligns with the heel of your foot.

Your heel will slide into the elongated hole as you continue to move the applicator along your foot. As the EzyAs™ changes direction around your ankle, slide your stocking along the outside of the applicator to assist in making it a smooth turn.

Slide your garment off the applicator as you move it towards your knee.

When fitting the above knee type stockings, remove the EzyAs™ at the base of your knee by simply moving it backwards to free it and continue to slide the upper leg portion of your garment into place by hand.

For the final positioning on the limb of any such garments, please refer to the information supplied by the garment manufacturer.