The Foot Funnel is an advanced shoehorn designed to help put on footwear.

It keeps hands free for better balance and limits bending and twisting when putting on a shoe.

No more collapsed heel walls in your shoes, the Funnel makes getting the shoe on so much easier

EzyAs™ products ship from Australia to Australian addresses only. If you are an international customer please contact the distributor in your country/region.

Traditional shoe horns still require a degree of bending to reach the shoe and hold the shoe horn in balance. The foot funnel doesn’t need to be held in place, it sits over the top of your shoe, holding it open and protecting the heel of the shoe from becoming squashed.

Once your heel is comfortably inside the shoe, gently pull the string on the foot funnel and it will remove itself from the shoe.

These devices help those recovering from injuries and find it difficult to bend over or may be wearing a knee brace. It is commonly used by those with back conditions, arthritis and leg ulcers.